• One of the largest selections of essential oil infused soaps on the web. Pick a favorite from our huge selection.
  • We offer a whole line of soaps we know can handle the toughness of a man.
  • We offer a whole line of soaps for women that are sure to make you smell even more lovely
  • Clean up right with our athletic blends specially formulated for your active lifestyle.

About Us


  •       The Oregon Soap Shoppe is located in Oregon, IL and Our shop carries over 200 varieties of fragrent handmade soaps, soaks, scrubs, unguents, and lip balms. Our soapmaker has over 20 years experience in handcrafting soap. This experice manifests itself within the high quility handmade soap this is sold in the Oregon Soap Shoppe. We are located within a few hours of Chicago, IL. Our location is a great place for anyone to stop in and learn more about the trade. Throughout history soapmaking has been a honored art form. It's relevence in American history makes a trip to our shop an educational day for young and old alike. In addition to handmade soaps, we also have many great gifts and we offer free wrapping with the purchase of one!

    "We make soap for every body"
    91c Daysville Road
    Oregon, IL 61061
    (866) 411-6614
    Store Hours:
    Monday: Closed
    Tuesday: 10am - 5:30pm
    Wednesday: 10am - 5:30pm
    Thursday: 10am - 9:30pm
    Friday: 10am - 9:30pm
    Satuday: 10am - 9:30pm
    Sunday: Closed
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    Lynnel's Soapbox

    As much as I believe that our handcrafted soaps are the very best on earth, there is something else that I believe and I really need to tell you about it. The most important news that I can share with any of you is Jesus, my Savior and Lord. If we never, ever meet again here on earth - we can meet in heaven. The decision you make now will determine how you spend eternity.

    When we are dead, we are not just gone from this earth.
    We will live somewhere, forever.
    The Bible says that God loves us so much that He sent His only son,
    Jesus, as the sacrifice for all of our sins.
    Jesus is the one who suffered on the cross, bled and died for you and me.
    He was buried and three days later - God the father raised Jesus from the dead. Jesus walked and talked with friends and showed himself to many other people to prove that He lives! Days later the disciples of Jesus watched with amazement as Jesus rose up through the clouds, past the skies and into Heaven. That is where He is today.
    And anyone - no matter who you are - what you've done - or where you've been - can have forgiveness of sin and then you will go to heaven and be with Jesus when you die.
    Only Jesus can pull you out of the pit. Only Jesus can set your feet on solid ground.
    Only Jesus can give you a new song to sing.
    Let HIM breathe new life into you and lift the burden off your heart.
    Jesus can wash sins away.
    Believe this good news and ask Jesus to forgive you of your sins and give you eternal life. Then you will not perish, (meaning spending all of eternity in hell) but have everlasting life in heaven.
    Here is my poem and prayer for you:
    This soap will help you cleanse your skin, but it cannot wash away your sin.
    Jesus shed His blood on a cross; for you and me - He paid the cost.
    He died and rose again to live - A home in heaven - to you, He will freely give.
    Talk to Jesus and ask Him to forgive your sins.
    Then you'll be washed in His blood and born again.
    Lynnel Camling of 1.866.411.6614
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    Handmade & Handcrafted


    Every bar of our soap is hand stirred, hand poured, hand swirled, hand cut, and hand wrapped! It is a pleasure to use, has wonderful eye appeal and adds a beautiful scent to any room with natural and safe ingredients. We put our attention, effort, money and TIME into our products. NOT into packaging and very little on advertising (it is pretty simple ... our customers are our merchandisers).

    Use our soap and you might find that you no longer need lotion, or shaving cream, or shampoo or room fresheners. Lynnel started out making the best soap for her FAM ... then 4 FAMS ... now 1000s of FAMS.

    Clean with our essential oils and you might find you're breathing easier. Soak with our bath salts and you may find yourself really, really RELAXING. Lather up with your favorite scent, just drench yourself in luxury. Try our soaps today. Start nurturing the skin you are in and you might find the comfort your remember BUT have been missing! Some folks fixate on ONE favorite, some on 3 or 4, many change their choices throughout the seasons, most simply can't decide and are always sampling new blends.

    Our soaps are...
    A. A very healthy alternative to liquid or other mass produced soaps.
    B. Quite versatile - every bar is uniquely blended so that it can be used as a shampoo bar and shaving soap as well as a nourishing soap for your entire body.
    C. Made by hand, using the best of the old fashioned ways with essential precious oils, rich butters, and natural colorants.
    D. Made with wise modern technology and accurate digital scales to ensure balanced, gentle batches.
    E. Economically and environmentally friendly, NO plastic bottle juggling.
    F. Making road trips is a SNAP! Pack your: toothbrush, floss, favorite soap, wash cloth, shoes, clothes, laptop, meds, camera, cellphone and whew ... GOOD TO GO!
    Thank you for using our affordable luxury soaps! Wash your hands!
    Independent studies report that regular soaps will kill 99.4% of all bacteria (keep your hands lathered up and scrub thoroughly all over together for the time it takes to sing to yourself happy b.d. twice, then rinse thoroughly). Anti-bacterial soaps contain chemicals (that are simply not good for us) that will kill 99.6% of all bacteria. Why use anything harsh on our skin that might be absorbed? (For a 0.2% advantage)
    Our soaps are made with gentle oils and local honey that is naturally antibacterial. Why not use a good smelling soap in your favorite scent and make the experience more pleasurable? Reports show that children will want to wash their hands more often when using a soap that is appealing to them. Raspberry, watermelon, lemon and lime. Kids use our soaps and have a good time! For all kids from age 1 day - 99 years we have soaps for everybody.
    Remember to wash your hands regularly. Stay WELL.
    Cover your mouth when coughing. Avoid touching your ears, eyes, mouth and nose as much as possible, especially when our in public. This will help reduce the risk of catching or spreading the flu or colds. If you have any symptoms please stay home. Call your docor with a fever. Let's keep each other healthy. It's easy to do. Just remember to wash your hands often.


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