Peony Petals

Peony Petals

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Have you ever buried your nose into a big, soft, cool peony flower in the spring and sucked in the fragrance? There is nothing else like it in the world! Peonies just have to be on the list for the best fragrance in the world of flowers. Maybe this is the second breath we smell in Heaven.


If you have ever picked a fresh peony and held it to your nose, you will understand the sensual, powdery, completely romantic scent of this lovely fragrance. Its soft, rosy dry down is enchanting. You will not be disappointed when you try this fragrance, even if you have tried others, this one is hands down the best peony ever. A lovely floral available fresh only to those of us who live where it freezes in the winter months. Enjoy this no matter where you live in the privacy of your own bath.

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