Peppermint Tea Tree “The Pimple Zapper”



ACNE? BREAKOUTS? Wash your face twice a day with this soap.
Our Peppermint Tea Tree soap has been fondly named “The Pimple Zapper” by our customers.

Wash your face twice a day with this soap and an old fashioned cotton wash cloth.I recommend that you stay away from any astringents or other pimple drying creams. They seem to over aggravate the oil glands surrounding the area & the problem is made worse. Make up use is fine – just be sure to wash off before going to sleep at night with the Peppermint Tea Tree Soap. Most people report that not only did their acne clear up, but they noticed that scarring seemed to become less noticeable. This soap is also antiviral, anti-inflammatory, immune stimulating, bactericidal, headaches, mental fatigue, athletes foot, rashes, warts, dandruff, insect bites… .wow what a list!It is generally used by the younger generation with oilier complexions. If you are a bit older or have dry complexion but still have problems with the break outs, try “The Secret Weapon”.