Pet Shampoo Bar




Man’s best friend. What a nice way to treat your pet. This soap will help relieve hot spots, itching and dander and leave his fur soft and clean.

Many pet shampoos contain mint oils that is much too harsh for their sensitive noses and private parts. We use no mint oil. The essential oils we use are great for their delicate skin that seems to become dry in the winter time. Our Lemongrass, Cedarwood, Tea Tree and Bay Essential Oil Blend smells fresh and clean as well.

Directions: get the pooch good and wet – lather up, rubbing deeply into the fur. Rinse. Lather up one more time. The first lathering it does not seem to get a real good lather, so it is necessary to do it twice for good measure. I personally recommend towel drying. Your pet will be so soft and silky after a bath – they will love you for it ,as you won’t be able to stop petting them and loving them up. They will smell so good and be so soft. This handcrafted soap can also be used on human beings. 🙂